Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Photoshop - Ultimate Tips for a Beginner

Photoshop - Ultimate Tips for a Beginner

Author: Gothir

This is a compilation of tips and hints for beginners, if you're intermediate or above, then it's likely none of this is of use to you, but read it anyway and comment - When doing the text, don't try to over complicate things. Simply use the eye drop tool to grab a colour from your render (or background if there's no render) and use that colour with TNR (Times New Roman). Once you progress to the stage where you're creating your own techniques, you can go crazy! - It's advisable to use a simple 1 pixel, black, border when you're starting out. When you get the hang of photoshop, you can start using a 'frame' border, where appropriate. This is done by doing New Layer (3 pixel black) > New Layer (2 pixel white) > New Layer (1 pixel black). - Lighting; you 'can' use curve layers but when you're starting out it's easier to use this method. New layer > Apply Image > Filter > Render > Lens Flare > Select a setting > Place it on your sig and set the layer to soft light. Nice and simple - This border is particularly good with abstract images. Use the rectangle marquee tool to draw a rectangle at the top of your signature, going from left to right. Fill it black, then copy the layer and move it down to the bottom of your signature. - If you like to have your name and a word or phrase on your signatures, try laying it out like this. Gothir (size 14-16) Forgiveness (size 10-12) Sizes shown are examples. - If you're resizing a render or image, be sure to hold down shift whilst doing so. This will hold the proportions of the image. To view the full list of tips and hints, you can visit this page; http://signatureshelf.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=13

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/visual-art-articles/photoshop-ultimate-tips-for-a-beginner-695438.html

About the Author:
Name: Liam
Age: 15
I run a general chat forum focused mainly on metal music called www.morbidskies.com
The biggest feature of my site is my exlcusive interviews with big name bands such as Tyr, Valient Thorr and Alestorm.

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